Learn Latin in only 4 weeks.

Latin intensive courses in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig, Mainz, Munih, Muenster, Stuttgart, Vienna und Zurich.

Lean Latin

Learn latin in only 4 weeks

All Students who want to learn latin and in a shortest possible time we offer courses twice a year latin intensive courses during the semester break  in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. So if you have to pass an latin examen at your university or you need an certificate which acknowledge latin then we have the right concept in the semester break for you.
Latin in 4 weeks – it works. We have high sucess rates!

  • For beginners and advanced (220 lessons)
  • Best preparation for the latin state examen in germany, austria and switzerland
  • Knowledge of Latin  (certificate)
  • Courses are held in german

Latin Crash Courses in the winter and summer university break.

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Learn Latin with Academia Linguae